Real estate in southern Spain: A profitable investment

Real estate in southern Spain: A profitable investment

Having achieved the title of the main “Garden of Europe” a property in Spain to investors before the 2008 crisis in Spain it built more homes than, say, in Germany and France, the demand for it was very great. In the following years, due to the loss of investors, many construction projects in the country have been frozen, experts predict the return of construction activity in the country only in 2016.

Investors have stopped investing in real estate in Spain based in property advice, as prices began to fall into it. The crisis and the tense situation with Catalonia provoked distrust of foreigners. In 2014, the demand for housing in Spain rose again and reached its peak. As in previous years, leaders in buying property in Spain in 2014 were British, they have become major investors with 16.72% percent of total purchases by foreigners.

What are the foreign nationalities who invest in property in Marbella?

For British investors, followed by the French, then Russian, German, Belgian, Swedish, Italian, Norwegian, increased the percentage of investors from China, here are last. Barcelona, Madrid and the Mediterranean coast  the territory, leading by the number of assets acquired in them. Therefore, housing prices in Spain are rising again, finished “repressed demand” for it.

The experts predicted. Increased activity in the field of mortgage loans and the abolition of tax exemption rental in the country, shows that the demand for real estate here will grow further. In a warm country resorts people buy property in order to come here just to relax for a few months in Spain by sea or re-sell it more expensive after the price rise, so they rarely live in houses they bought. And as before the crisis in Spain is built from the ground up entire villages, which are often uninhabited, they are not equipped with the infrastructure.

In European forums on the Internet are many sad stories. Those who buy a property in Spain for a quick resale are not, and will live there at least occasionally, you need to carefully choose the place of its location. Reliable to buy a home in the long inhabited towns and holiday resorts. So it is not always the service sector developed permanent residents, employees speaking English.

In these complex settlement movement, many European pensioners living in these places do not stop in the off season. Russians living in places like Altea, Denia and Benidorm, becoming part of local property owners. They confirm that there is everything necessary for life and recreation in all seasons. The Costa del Sol resorts, and the most desirable vacation here is the city of Puerto Banus and Marbella.

House in Marbella (Spain)

House in Marbella (Spain)

Properties in Puerto Banus, an old and very expensive resort town and luxury yacht, is the best investment funds. The coast of Andalusia in the pre-crisis period is constructed actively, several buildings were erected on the outskirts, far from the center and the sea. Choosing a property in Andalusia, we must be careful not to spoil your holiday. Our real estate led by renowned real estate agent Ignacio Acosta Sorge, offers a wide range of real estate in southern Spain can choose the option of your choice in the range of fair price, regardless of your choice will be provided with European standards for quality of life.

Real estate in southern Spain (Andalucia, Marbella, Costa del Sol)

If you are tired of the weather and dark days, we can recommend a magic solution to get rid of this melancholy real estate in southern Spain. Yes, of course, it is the acquisition of the stock market is still far from all Russians, however, compared to real estate prices in other European countries such as France or Italy, southern Spain property more affordable. These are best places to invest in Marbella

To date, the following trend is observed: in addition to the Scandinavians, Germans and citizens of other European countries, real estate in southern Spain and is actively participating to our compatriots who want to buy homes, apartments, houses in the Mediterranean coast. 

Profitable investments in real estate on the Costa del Sol

On the one hand, what is important is that buying a house in Andalusia, an excellent opportunity to spend a holiday or a vacation abroad without spending much money is obtained. However, real estate in southern Spain and is good for permanent residence, but if that option does not cause much desire, it is always possible to spend bought a house for rent on very favorable terms according to our real estate expert.

Everything is decided not to have its roots in the south of the country, in any case, not more than a nice holiday, but also benefits from an economic point of view. Despite a temporary decline in property prices in Andalusia, this time of crisis will not last long and will soon be offered at a lower price will not be, however, prices steadily increase, which will provide a constant speed owners of capital appreciation.

Real estate in Spain on the Costa del Sol the perfect place to relax and stay

Do you want to live or vacation in one of the most enjoyable parts of the world? You can also enjoy the healthy climate, while the property in Malaga near Costa del Sol which is exactly what you need. Costa del Sol one of the best resorts on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, extends from Malaga to Gibraltar.

Hotel Marbella Resort

Hotel Marbella Resort

Buying a home here, where the sun almost all year and there is no bad weather, please spectacular views of the sea and mountains, well maintained beaches, can be a real joy for physical and mental recreation. Buying a property in southern Andalusia province, in a place protected from the piercing cold winds by the mountains of Andalusia, you can feel comfortable here all year. By purchasing real estate in Costa del Sol, you will be able to enjoy the sun, the blue waters of the Mediterranean, along the coast.

Housing in Andalusia a good taste for all investors

Stations Andalusia are one of the main reasons which gained a worldwide reputation as destinations most prestigious and luxurious vacation Spain, so that the properties are chosen as the residence of many wealthy members of the aristocracy, the creative elite and of business.
There are more willing to become homeowners, which contributes to a lot of great atmosphere, beautiful nature, mild climate, well-equipped kilometers in the resort area beaches. In addition, real estate in the Malaga coast attracts lovers of culture and history, the wealth that is so rich in this country, full of attractions. If you want to know more about real estate advice do not hesitate to resort to experts in the field.

Real Estate in Marbella: a luxury in every breath

The capital of a life of luxury on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is considered, the former once the fishing village usual. Now property in Andalusia attracts celebrities from around the world, becoming a symbol of luxury and carefree life. Furthermore, a great advantage for the choice of real estate in the area becomes the only local weather when winter is 40 rain kilometers and the icy wind howling in the area, protected mountain range, offers its residents the sun and heat.
The property in southern Spain is located in the old city, which attracts and stroll through the narrow, cozy streets and admire the beautiful squares, or modern white city.

Marbella Villas: The art of living well

Marbella is the most prestigious and elegant part of the Costa del Sol, known as the “golden mile”. Villa in the zone is famous for its luxury and elegance, for example, enjoys a special reputation aristocratic luxury villas village called “Nueva Andalucía”, which is a meeting place of sailors come from all over the world.
Villas on the Costa del Sol offers the opportunity to enjoy the award-winning restaurants and the national cuisine of the peoples of the world, golf courses and tennis courts, golden beaches, water sports, scuba diving in the heart of the country’s history and admire its vibrant nightlife.
We offer real estate in modern residential complexes. It should be noted that new housing is dealt with fully finished. High quality finishing materials, modern air conditioning system, alarm system, bathrooms and fitted kitchens (often with built-in electrical engineering from leading manufacturers) all this characterizes the Spanish property.

We can help you determine the type of property that best suits your needs. Spain offers the following types of real estate.

Apartments (flats)
On the Costa del Sol apartments they are located in the so-called urbanization, consisting of several residential units. The complex has swimming pools, gardens and playgrounds. As a rule, they all have an enclosed area with limited access, and sometimes around the clock security area. All apartments have a convenient design. Urbanization is either an underground or surface parking for each apartment, and a small store.

Modern apartment design

Modern apartment design in Marbella

Houses (houses of urban type), but each with a separate entrance

Town being a series of cottages with common side walls, but with a separate entrance. This is an intermediate step between the apartment and the house. As well as apartments, homes are located in the complex with pools and gardens.

Detached house, has its own fenced territory. What’s in the villa has been dependent on the hosts? fulfill your dream and find the house that you have a good time on vacation or for pleasure dwells forever. Today, the villa on the secondary market to buy 400 thousand euros.
Apartments can be purchased on the secondary market and in the construction process, which is beneficial for those who can not do the full amount immediately, and the acquisition of a house so that the buyer receives the payment installments down payment, and the rest can get a mortgage, when construction is completed.
Here we have presented only some of the options. However, we will be happy to pick any option that meets all your needs, regardless of your budget. In addition, we take care of all the problems of buying and registration of real estate.

Villa located in Spain

Villa located in Spain

The statistics of the housing market in Andalusia

According to data for 2011, 70.9% of homes in Andalusia used as a permanent residence, 14,4% the second residence, and another 14.6% of inactivity. The latter is divided into three groups: the obsolete housing (which, according to Garcia, do not enter the market due to its age and location most common in rural areas); housing, purchased as an investment, but not put up for sale or rent and housing for sale.
Timsa report also says that the estimated time required for the sale of a depends on its type and profile of the buyer object.

Therefore, the minimum period of sale of an apartment on the coast of Andalucía is about 8 months. In the process of selling Costa de la Luz can take 22 to 24 months. Potential customers interested in housing in French, German, British Andalusia, Irish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Swiss, Americans, Russians and Arabs.
Residents of Russia, Switzerland and Arab countries prefer areas such as Marbella and Estepona, while Americans prefer the municipalities of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Rota and Chipiona.

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