Marbella: Luxury properties, good weather, beaches making it the place for you

Marbella: Luxury properties, good weather, beaches making it the place for you

The remarkable recovery of the property market in Marbella has recently been extended, passing in the foreground among the new luxury housing market. Since 2012 it has stabilized the real estate and the same is expected for 2016 thanks to a series of changes in the market, which has gradually realized that marks a new growth cycle.
According to statistics, real estate sales have experienced rapid growth, while the so-called “properties at risk”, ie, that in the past have suffered great difficulties such as bank foreclosures in Marbella are virtually nonexistent. Having bottomed out, while slowly start again prices rise, the response times fall, and funding in exchange for potential buyers market by a large number of countries, seeking the state of Marbella and its Lifestyle. However, there remains the question of what all this has had an impact on buyers, investors, owners, and generally in the property market according to our expert real estate consultant on the Costa del Sol.

Tourism in Marbella

Tourism in Marbella

In the early investors, who previously formed the vast majority of buyers, attracted by cheap properties, and now have to cope with a further increase in prices. Surely this will not represent a major obstacle for investors, as the rising prices of new houses signals capital appreciation. It is likely to see an interest of investors at a time when there is a recovery in the market; Ditto for buyers, encouraged by the substantial increase in purchases of properties in the region. The same investors, after all, their high level of expertise in the field, will continue to invest even in difficult times, which can sometimes make the best deals.
Ditto for the owners, the recent recovery will have a soothing impact, while the properties to recover their real value, can be optimistic about the future of the market and how these growth trends might mean for a possible sale. Under these conditions, the seller will not feel obliged to accept the lowest value of the original offer by the provisions dictated solely by the purchaser, it is intended to have and maintain a certain level of control in managing the process. However, you run the risk of damaging the market again; overestimating the properties could be a big mistake. The big difference between the prices of supply and demand can be considered as the true alarm signal, so it is a less than desirable properties along.
Thanks to the recent exploits of tourism and real estate boom, the Costa del Sol has achieved a remarkable economic recovery, although the exponential increase in property prices and hotel stays will have good impact on the industry. In view of this, it would be good to consider a good price / quality ratio, as in the case of this area, offering fantastic properties, complemented by spas and luxury lifestyles. To view the data and statistics of the housing market recovery, click the following link to access our article: These are best places to invest in Marbella

Marbella, the perfect tourist and residential destination

In the last decade or so Marbella has attracted many foreign residents, with a flow of visitors who choose to buy your villa or apartment of your dreams in the sunlight of this part of the coast. This has resulted in high prices of real estate assets that guarantee the place of next to Puerto Banus as the most expensive places in Spain. Marbella now has many of the worlds famous and rich people and causing some houses and more extravagant villas somewhere.

Marbella Beach Hotel&Club

Marbella Beach Hotel&Club

Despite the influx of many tourists Marbella has always managed to maintain much of its charm and personality. This is more fully shown in the old part of the city, a stones throw elegance and razzle-dazzle of the port area, where prizes such as “Plaza de los Naranjos” Plaza de los Naranjos, or will be seen to give his correct name, surrounded by traditional lime washed houses through a maze of streets and alleys strange. The old town remains one of the best places to shop, with a fantastic selection of shops selling local products per minute, side by side with famous brand name products that the city of Marbella has long since become famous .

In the most recent period Marbella has done more power back its international image due to the large investment by former mayor Jesús Gil. This has been put on a great campaign so that you can see in places like La Alameda Park, where you can even arrange a trip by horse and carriage or go for a walk to the Mediterranean through the Esplanade Ave. del Mar. this is probably one of the most beautiful proms in this part of the coast, with the best first class restaurants, bars and boutiques full of themselves according to estate agent Ignacio Acosta Sorge.

Foreign investment in Spanish real estate sector is constantly growing

Caution should be exercised when statistics are observed, but it is an undeniable fact that in the last five years, foreign investment in the Spanish housing market has doubled. Investing in property on the Costa del Sol. In 2009, the peak height of the great recession and financial crisis, there was a stagnation of investment in Spanish property, with only slightly less than 3.5 billion euro invested. Since then, however, the real estate sector in Spain has experienced considerable growth, with an influx of individual investors and large institutional funds.
The distribution of investment in the Spanish construction market is relatively smooth with major urban centers and coastal areas such as the Costa del Sol and the Balearic Islands, which are expected better results than other regions. In 2013, the Spanish foreign investment in construction has reached figures of over 6.5 billion euros with a strong demand for a variety of real estate including land, individual properties, entire complexes and commercial buildings.

Welcome to Marbella

Welcome to Marbella

We are also seeing the development of an interesting trend for growth is occurring at a much faster pace than in previous years, stimulated by a gradual return of loans and mortgages, as well as the usual excellent lure of low prices and conditions in these regions for homebuyers and for large investors. It is expected that investment this year to reach 7 billion euros, an increase of 15% over last year, and expects similar growth rates for 2015.
While private investors who have capital to invest, mainly of Scandinavian origin, the Russian, British and Middle Easterners, who wants to invest in commercial properties in large cities usually come from China or the United States. Marbella in recent times has become one of the most popular for these investors in North America and Europe destinations.

“The return of foreign investors in the region has meant the arrival of transactions such as the acquisition of Sotogrande SL through the bottom of US origin Cerberus, while other investors have focused on the acquisition and development of apartment buildings, banking and land acquisition of large tracts of land along the banks of various coastal properties”
Increased foreign demand for Spanish homes not only reflects the revival of the housing market, especially in the most important regions, but also demonstrates the confidence investors have in their potential for future growth. Factors contributing to this optimism as a stable financial sector, thriving domestic economy, the tourism industry growth and increased construction activity indicate a period of mature growth for Spain, making this a great deal of time exciting for investors in the Spanish property market, discover where they are luxury properties in Marbella

Marbella still enjoying the typical Spanish life outdoors

The Spanish population, thanks to the sunny weather, has become accustomed to living a lifestyle outdoors. In the past, almost all the inhabitants of a city, village or town would go to “Walk the UN to” or strolling in the streets, chat or enjoy a coffee in a bar on the beach in Marbella. Today, people spend more time in the open air than before; I am doing sports, sunbathing on some of the most famous beaches in Spain, strolling or welcome a drink in a bar. Nowhere more than Marbella shows this type of lifestyle, where Hispanic traditions mixed with a more cosmopolitan culture to create a lifestyle that consists of long summers and mild winters.

Hotel in Marbella

Sultan Club Hotel in Marbella

Marbella offers a multitude of outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis and dine, socialize and celebrate in the most elegant beach club. But no need to leave the house to enjoy the outdoor life of Marbella, as most of the properties have been designed taking into account the open spaces, blending smartly elegant interiors, with terraces, gardens and areas of pool. Households that include lifestyle outdoor Marbella. The villas in Marbella usually put into large and elegant terraces prominence, along with lounges leading outdoor areas perfectly relaxing, where families spend most of their time during the summer months. These properties can include terraces with barbecue area and space for a pool table, although these days the trend is to sell elegant gazebos with outdoor bar. Magnificent villa at the prestigious in this zone.

The viewpoints located along modern infinity panoramic swimming pools are equipped with kitchens, bars, relaxation area, changing rooms with showers, flat-screen TV, sound system and recreational activities and life to the elegant outdoor grants luxury jacuzzi , tennis courts, golf putting green, croquet lawn and fish ponds, each with stunning panoramic views of the Costa del Sol and the Mediterranean Sea.

The apartments and penthouses in Marbella

The apartments and penthouses in Marbella

The apartments and penthouses in Marbella are unsurpassed, with its magnificent views of the Spanish coast and the Mediterranean Sea that lies between Gibraltar and North Africa. The most sophisticated of the apartments are designed around these views, and have the luxury rooms and panoramic suites, large terraces facing south and sometimes terraces on the penthouse roof terrace with a 360 degree panoramic Unique Mediterranean Sea. In such an elegant area as Marbella is not unusual to find rest areas and outdoor dining, sunbathing terraces, roof gardens, jacuzzi and swimming pools according
Some villas include even an outdoor bar designed to socialize and appreciate the magnificent sunset on the Costa del Sol, other villas More and more intimate and secluded, with terraces where owners enjoy great views from a more personal angle. In the field of form, style and orientation, outdoor areas of luxury homes in Marbella offer a multitude of ways to enjoy this, their unique lifestyle.

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