Marbella leads to new phase of expansion in the Spanish property market

Marbella leads to new phase of expansion in the Spanish property market

The year started exceptionally well for the property market in Marbella and everything indicates that a new phase of expansion is underway. A new report on the housing sector along the Spanish coast confirms this trend.
The “Costa Spanish 2014” report published by the appraisal company of Spanish point to some recovery of real estate market. And the report concludes that the property market in Marbella is a leader in the main areas, namely the number of sales, development of the new property and price changes.
The report describes the property sector in Benahavis, Estepona and Marbella known as the Golden Triangle, the most attractive and quality assurance. It also shows that households in these areas are in high demand among foreign investors, representing 70 percent of buyers. Unlike areas such as Benalmádena and Mijas, where most homebuyers is British, has buyers in Marbella an international profile and includes investors from Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, Russia and the Middle East.

Foreign investors in Marbella

Foreign investors in Marbella

Since 2014 the growth in the real estate market has been a constant

In 2014 they had a flying start in terms of home sales Malaga province reported a sales increase of 11 percent in the first quarter and this trend has only continued since. Number of sales have soared and made Marbella one of the few areas in the country where the new development of residential complexes is carried out. According to the report, six new complex under construction in Marbella and Estepona, and many of them are already sold. Our real-estate led by renowned real-estate agent Ignacio Acosta Sorge, offers a wide range of real-estate in southern Spain.
Interest in real estate in the area is also illustrated in the moment in time it takes to sell homes in the area. Marbella is this now between 6 and 12 months, the shortest in the country.
The high sales figures naturally lead to that property prices in Marbella are no longer in decline. In the first three months of 2013, was the average price per square meter of around € 1749. Now, a year later, the average price has increased by 4.8 percent and is currently at approximately (€ 1833). This confirms that prices in the area have entered a new cycle and Marbella highlighted in the report that the only place where such a change in housing prices are taking place now, for more information, we recommend reading our article about the importance of investing in this area of Spain Real estate in southern Spain: A profitable investment

spanish property market

spanish property market

Marbella has been a clear favorite among tourists since it first appeared in the jet-set of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe in the 1960s A pleasant climate all year round, excellent communication possibilities and style the fried relaxed life both tourists and residents. Marbella attracts migration, also both from abroad and Spanish. With the continued rise in prices on the market in 2014 it is definitely the year to take advantage of the relatively low housing prices in Marbella. For expert reviews and information on real estate in the area, contact us and we’ll help you find the perfect property for you.

Property in Marbella

Property in Marbella

With the investment in the Spanish housing is a residence permit

By investing in the Spanish real estate market, a residence permit obtained in Spain with purchase. This is good news for buyers who come from countries outside the central area.
Marbella have always provided excellent opportunities for real estate investment. The introduction of a new type of residence permit (the so-called ‘Golden Visa’) in September 2013 to make purchases on the zone even more attractive.
When buying a property in Spain, now qualifies automatically for a residence permit in the country. This means that you can enjoy your time in your new home in the region and enjoy everything the region has to offer, without constantly renew their visa. The residence permit gives you the opportunity to travel around the area previously.
We are in Paradise Marbella Realty looking at this new gold Visa as a bonus to buy a property in Marbella and this is something that our customers want to use. To help find out if you qualify for this visa, we have compiled a short list of questions and answers (FAQ)

What is the ‘Golden Visa’?
It is a residence permit (valid for 1 year) which can be renewed after it expires (valid for 2 years).

Who can get this?
All citizens of countries outside the 18 who invest a minimum of € 500000 in the Spanish real estate market can achieve this type of visa. You can buy one or more properties to meet the total minimum amount (excluding tax and any loan).

What are the conditions?
You must prove that you have health insurance, sufficient funds to cover living expenses and unblemished record.

How I can get a residence permit?
When buying a Spanish property can apply for a visa at the Spanish embassy or consulate in their country of origin. The visa is valid for one year. No need to stay consistent throughout Spain visa period, but only visits the country at least once. You must apply for a residence permit 90 days visa expires and you must confirm that Spain has been visited at least once in the past year.

My family will also receive a residence permit?
If there is only you and your spouse seeking, needs to be invested € 500,000 each in Spanish property to obtain individual permits. If you have children, your residence permit most likely applicable for the whole family, but this should seek professional help.

Golden Visa in Spain

Golden Visa in Spain

Number of home sales in Spain over four years

To stay in Estepona on the Costa del Sol is getting better. Golfers, garden lovers, entertainment, hikers and lovers of winter sports will enjoy reaping the benefits of the council grant almost EUR 20 million earmarked for the development of new facilities during 2015.
In the months of January, 35 of the town’s streets, which corresponds to an area of 41.146 square kilometers, restored. Restoration plans include both downtown areas and residential areas in the suburbs, including Estepona Golf area. This is a continuation of the first development plan, designed in July, remodeling four kilometers between major attractions and downtown, one of the main arteries of the city for the transportation and delivery of food and other agricultural products.
Estepona – Marbella Paradise, which is based on real property described as one of the most beautiful cities of Andalusia and beautification continues to build green oasis ‘Costa del Sol’ and rectification of both streets and infrastructure for water and electricity. Investments for 2015 is 20% higher than last year and will include used to implement a series of construction projects, such as building a new theater, a football stadium and an indoor pool in 2015.

One of the areas that is becoming a trend is Estepona. This will be the largest of its kind in Europe and contain some of the world’s orchids, exotic varieties of plants and other elements of plants of the orchid family. These should be housed under an impressive high glass dome 30 meters, with a volume of 15, 000 square meters. The construction will occupy 1,000 square meters of new Botanical Park, and crowned with a spectacular waterfall of 17 meters high which will cause the dome to shine like a diamond.
Last but not least, a new hospital with a price of 1.2 million euros, regional governments and an important component of health plan for the new year will be built.
Waiting for the new year peaks in the old town hall with the first ice rink in the city. These combinations of contrasting warm crystal clear ice south of Spain will soon be ready in the space reserved for the new grand boulevard ‘Avenida San Lorenzo space.

Marbella march ahead development

The launch of the European Year of EU development “of an inclusive and sustainable 2015 World” on Friday, goes hand in hand with ambitions to Marbella to become the first “smart tourist destination” in Andalusia and ” an innovative place consisting pioneering technological infrastructure to ensure sustainable development of the area”
Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz announced a partnership with the group of government for the management of innovation and technology tourism (Segittur), and aims to “facilitate the participation and integration of visitors in the community and improve their experiences here at the time to increase the quality of life of city residents.
“In Q1 2014 (at this time last year), Marbella was the only municipality on the Mediterranean coast of Spain could register a moderate growth in the housing market at 4.8%,” says the latest report on Andalucía market.
“It looks much brighter in the most popular areas for foreign investors, and it seems that the robust growth in 2014 will increase. It will be almost impossible to make a bad investment in 2015 and it is essential that potential buyers will be taken directly to the properties good location and price. ”
Because the service, location and price are cornerstones in Paradise Marbella Realty business, potential foreign buyers looking for the right property in the center of Marbella according to what it says our Property Advice.
The report also mentions that the Spanish property market has many places with spectacular views the best views of the Mediterranean obtained from the slopes. In the most popular areas for foreign buyers, including urban areas of Marbella, one likely to see pushed up prices if demand continues to increase as in 2014. This is probably because the numbers of foreign tourists in Spain have increased by 5% since last year at the same time, and is now at 63.5 million, making Spain the third most visited country in the world. This naturally also attracts potential buyers to the area. Where I can find more information? Click to see properties for sale in Marbella.

Sustainable growth

Newly built, it was the sector most affected during the crisis, is really on the right track again. Here have seen price increases of 6.1% in the same period, so the first quarter of 2016 to the quarter’s most promising industry ownership of Spain since the third quarter of 2007 as published in the digital environment
Unlike eight years ago, it is unlikely that this time will see the same overheated market. The growth of this time is more measured, more sustainable and based on a solid foundation of sustained economic growth of both domestic and foreign interests.

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