Asesor Inmobiliario en la Costa del Sol

Marbella: Luxury properties, good weather, beaches making it the place for you

The remarkable recovery of the property market in Marbella has recently been extended, passing in the foreground among the new luxury housing market. Since 2012 it has stabilized the real

Asesor Inmobiliario en la Costa del Sol

Marbella leads to new phase of expansion in the Spanish property market

The year started exceptionally well for the property market in Marbella and everything indicates that a new phase of expansion is underway. A new report on the housing sector along

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Real estate in southern Spain: A profitable investment

Having achieved the title of the main “Garden of Europe” a property in Spain to investors before the 2008 crisis in Spain it built more homes than, say, in Germany

Asesor Inmobiliario en la Costa del Sol

Looking for Golf and real estate? Go to Costa del Sol

80% of golfing tourists had visited the Costa del Sol to play, and many of them buy a property later


Impact of foreigners in Malaga´s tourism and real estate

13.18% of all properties acquired in the area were bought by foreigners


These are best places to invest in Marbella

A short list of the many attractive zones to invest in the jewel of Costa del Sol


Get to know the profile of foreigners investing in Malaga’s real estates

The current trend is increasing in favor of Nordics, Russians and Chinese

Asesor Inmobiliario en la Costa del Sol

¿Cuál es el futuro de los ingleses en territorio español luego de Brexit?

Una interrogante que se paseaba por la mente de muchos y que fue realizada por los británicos el pasado mes del año en curso sobre si, ¿debe permanecer el Reino

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Spain offers visas to foreigners through the Law on Entrepreneurs

Today Spain is one of the European countries that have a greater number of foreigners interested in investing and live in it, why the Spanish government proposed a couple of


The consequences of Brexit for the Costa del Golf

The last June 23rd, the british decided to leave the EU, but the consequences are most likely to be seen in the next 2 years

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